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scottish borders

  1. Markknights94

    Report - St Aidans Hospital, Gattonside - April 2021

    Reposting because I think I posted this in the wrong place first time! Sorry if seeming like spam! First report so please be kind haha! St Aidans was built in the 1820s by Sir Adam Ferguson, a close friend of Sir Walter Scott, and then expanded upon by George Bainbridge. The house had several...
  2. B

    Clifton Park House

    owned by the Elliot family from 1845, following the death of Robert Pringle Clifton and the succession of his cousin, Robert Kerr Elliot of Harwood. House blueprints: https://scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/record/hes/136628/clifton-park/rcahms?inline=true Coordinates: Latitude: 55.5342 / 55°32'3"N...
  3. N

    Old Borders College - Galashiels - 9th April 2020

    Old Borders College Galashiels The explore The College has been empty since the Borders College transferred all functions in April 2009 although from paperwork most moved late 2008 from this site at Melrose Road to the new campus at Netherdale. History The original house on this site is called...