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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Nazareth House & Chapel, Southend - Aug-Nov 2023

    What’s this I hear you say? A care home, get that out now! Well, this place is a bit sicker than your average and was a surprisingly nice find to come out of Essex. Even better, it was very local to me. @DE-eVOLVED found this one back in 2022 and I was pretty impressed to first see pictures of...

    Report (Permission Visit) Shoeburyness Police Station, Jan 2022

    ESSEX POLICE STATION & ESSEX COUNTY : FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE : STATION 42 - Shoeburyness. JAN 2022 Over the years this building has transformed from councilors office, doctors surgery, Fire & Police station. The building is currently undergoing a refurb. The work that was delayed to...

    Report (Permission Visit) Research NOT ABANDONED #Southend

    One from earlier this year.. NOT ABANDONED !! #HISTORYRESEARCH I wanted to find or find evidence of tunnels in Southend on Sea.. We already know that there are some repurposed cold war shelters and also that the EKCO Radio/Plastics site "had" extensive tunnels.. and other local tunnels are...
  4. C

    General - Tunnels southend my experiences paris catacombs

    Hi all. Good to be hear. I haven't got a terrible amount of experience but been on a couple great missions ..... been down the Paris catacombs twice, great experiences, hoping to go as soon as this s**t is over, not the bits your allowed in..... message me for some stories Climbed to the top of...

    Report - DW FITNESS - SOUTHEND - NOV 2020

    Closed this month ... was first in .. no forced entry, had to be quick as a 2 stage alarm went off .. full electricity still on including air con.. I didn't get to venture upstairs.. but will defo go back at a later date .. am happy with the pics I managed to get .. pics taken Nov 2020 (2 days...

    General - DID IT EVER EXIST IS IT STILL THERE (Smugglers run).. SS3

    I've been looking into the history of Shoeburyness, and heard the story/myth about the RED BRICK HOUSE at the end of Elm rd. The story goes that there was a tunnel that lead down from Red Brick House down to the shore and it was either used for smuggling in things, another story is that there is...
  7. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Report - Splash Park, Essex, February 2020.

    "A SPLASH park on Canvey has closed with immediate effect after it became too expensive to keep open. Stay and Splash, at the Paddocks, has provided children with decades of fun-packed days in the summer with its paddling pool, sand pit and children’s play equipment. The ageing venue needs...
  8. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Report - Plane graveyard-Southend, Essex- August 2019

    Have known about this place for a while but where it's pretty much on my door step have always just thought "I'll go there another time". An artical came out recently about this location so I thought I should go asap to avoid the tour busses and I'm glad I did. When we arrived there was a group...