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  1. Moelwyn

    Report - Völklingen Ironworks, Saarland, Germany

    Völklingen Ironworks is located in western Germany close to the border with France. The steelworks closed in 1986 and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. Völklingen Ironworks is a 5 minute walk from Völklingen station on the line between Saarbrücken and Trier. Admission to the...
  2. Terminal Decline

    Report - SSI Lackenby Steel Works BOS Plant, Middlesbrough - May 2021

    Background What a relief it was to tick this one off the list. I've been itching to plunge into the vast expanse of the former SSI steelworks for ages, but the many stories of very vigilant security had put me off heading right up to the other end of the country to try my luck. I had pinned all...
  3. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - The steelworks of Usine Gustave Boël. - La Louviere, Belgium - Jul. 2020

    History: The history of this former steelworks dates all the way back to the middle of the 1800s. At this time a small forge in the Belgium town of La Louviere began expanding its operations. By 1900 over 1200 employees were active on the terrain. When the first world war broke out nearly all of...
  4. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Blast furnace Number 2 at Forges De Clabecq. - Belgium - Jul, 2020

    History: In 1909 a brand new modern steel site was built at the banks of a canal between Charleroi and Brussels. At the time steel was one of the largest industries in Wallonia and was truly booming in industrial hubs like Liège and Charleroi. The complex started with just two blast furnaces but...
  5. B

    Report - Red Alert at Redcar (Teeside steelworks 2019)

    This is the first Report in a very long time, it seems anything I once uploaded has since been lost. Pictures are not wonderful, hopefully the story will excuse them to a degree and you might glean a sliver of wisdom, if you choose to make a visit to the Steelworks. To kick off, I will...
  6. TranKmasT

    Report - Davro Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Bridgnorth March 2019

    When Mookster's report of this popped up last week I thought hang on, I know exactly where this is, I'll go and have a gander. The front onto the site is all hoarded up by Hovi Luxury homes ready for demoltion. The Davro Iron and Steel Company was formed in in Lye in 1949. The company...
  7. darbians

    Video - Teeside Steelworks April 2018

    Well I have been rather quiet of late, not even been on FB for months!! Anyway going through some old bits and put this short timelapse together. The Teesside Steelworks was founded by Dorman Long in 1917 with the opening of the blast furnace. They were no strangers to the business as mid 19th...