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  1. Unsympathetica

    Report - Dadong Theater, Zhongli, Taiwan - July 2020

    Theatres are to Taiwan what mills are to the North of England - wherever you are in the country (yes, I said country), there’s almost guaranteed to be one close at hand to have a poke around in. Much like in the West, home media, shopping-centre based multiplexes, and the expensive transition to...
  2. Unsympathetica

    Report - Tianwaitian Theatre, Taichung, Taiwan - August 2017

    Tianwaitian was completed in 1919 during the Japanese colonial period, as a private theatre for Wu Luanqi - a prominent (and extremely wealthy) member of the local gentry. He was able to enjoy it for just 3 years until his death in 1922, after which, ownership passed to his son Wu Ziyu who opted...