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  1. GRONK

    Report - George Barnsley and Sons Ltd, Sheffield - April 2024

    April 2024 The Visit Did this one as a sole visit whilst in the Steele city, its been done a thousand times and I certainly missed it in its prime back in the day but I just couldn't resist the temptation to explore this place. I spent about an hour wandering around the now fairly dilapidated...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - George Barnsley & Son's Ltd, Sheffield - June 2022

    Introduction I’m aware this has been visited and posted numerous times on the forum, but this is a much-loved site amongst the community so I thought it would be worth sharing my stance on the place, albeit a bit late to the party. History Founded in 1836, George Barnsley & Sons Ltd...
  3. inksurgeon

    Video - George Barnsley and Son's | Sheffield FPV

    WONDERLAND | FPV Going down the rabbit hole into this incredible factory lost in time. Really felt like something out of Alice in wonderland going throuh that hole, from a modern graf factory into something thats been frozen and nature has taken over. Been in this location many many years ago...