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  1. RustyJohn

    Report - Coastal Defence Pillboxes & Tunnels - Spain (February 2024)

    Another little gem literally within 5 walking minutes from home! This report is a continuation from this previous one: Civil War Coastal Defence Bunkers - Spain (November 2022) | European and International Sites Every morning when I walk my dog, I pass by this sight: I kept wondering if...
  2. RustyJohn

    Report - The Big Mine of 'Can Palomeres' (Abandoned Iron Mine) - Spain (December 2023)

    Just next to the sea, in an unsuspecting resort town there's the remains of one of the most important iron mining operations in Catalonia. The 'Mines de Can Palomeres' were exploited irregularly since the late 1860's, but at the turn of the century an English company took hold of the place to...
  3. Brackkkn

    Report - Holwell Mine (Leicestershire) June 2023

    Thanks to @HughieD for the heads up, that this site could still be accessed... headed over with a non member and soon found the main entrance with what I assumed was the only way in, chained up very tightly! A quick walk close by and we soon found another (even tighter) way into the mine. You...
  4. RustyJohn

    Report - The 'Negrin' Mine/Bunker - Spain (February 2023)

    This might end up being a long one because of both the very eventful history of the place and the explore itself... I hope you like reading. There's an area near the border with France where there are some abandoned talc mines. This one, officially called the Canta Mine, started in 1868 as a...
  5. WateryLemon

    Report - Small expedition to the Camden Rathole - London

    This is my first report, so please leave any tips in the comments :thumb Me and my friends plan on doing a full exploration of the Camden Rathole is a few weeks, however this was just to find a reliable entrance in and out, and a small investigation to see what’s inside. before our adventure...
  6. Ashpope667

    Report - Dorking Ice House 2021

  7. Hidinginplanesite

    Report - Fort pitt tunnels and guardhouse - feb 2021

    THE EXPLORE: Fort pit tunnel : Living local to fort Pitt, iv know about the tunnels for a good 7 years but have failed to find the entrance on a number of occasions In 2020 I got told that an entrance had been found and you can access the part of the tunnels, but I held off going for ages...
  8. TheReturningCynic

    Report - WT Henley (later AEI) Telegraph Works: Air Raid Shelter, Northfleet (December 2020)

    With a good friend back on-leave, and as a result re-introducing himself in to my bubble, we both set out on Friday evening to give a semi-local location an explore: the WT Henley/AEI Cable Works air-raid shelter in Gravesend. History The WT Henley (later AEI) Telegraph Works site is situated...
  9. Nesha Adams

    Report - Fort Pitt Tunnels - November 2020

    Great local explore the other night at Fort Pitt. After many years of researching and going out searching for an entry point, we had received a message about the location. The fort itself was designed with red brick walls, a 15ft moat (defence ditch) and a bastion on each edge of the fort. It...
  10. F

    Report - Inverclyde Air Raid Shelter, Port Glasgow- July 2020

    The History: Built by the Birkmyre family, this was the largest privately owned air raid shelter in the UK and it was used by the workers at the nearby ropeworks. It measures almost 600m in length with the tunnels approximately 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall when they are not flooded with mud and...
  11. Calmc

    Report - Mapperly Tunnel - Nottinghamshire - June 2020

    So i went for a wander with a few friends the other day, took quite a while to locate due to all the building work surrounding it and being able to get to it unseen. We managed to get down to the huge pile at the second ventilation shaft, we decided to turn back there due to not really having...