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  1. S

    Report - Storm drain warrington 03/2022

    Storm Drain Warrington March 2022 I previous saw this on a post and “needed” to explore this one! It some some time to find the entrance after clambering over banks we came to the grid which was half taken off. We didn’t take the opposite half away and instead chose to clamber down which was...
  2. Kristy

    Report - Ivy House/Axe House- Stretton, Cheshire, Nov 2020

    Nicked named Ivy House or The Axe Murder House! One of my favourite places which is local to me. The history surrounding this home is uncertain, a lot of local rumours are heard but no solid information to back them up. At first I was told a man had killed his wife here with an axe, but I...
  3. Seffy

    Report - The UK Transporter Bridges - 2015/2017

    UK Transporter Bridges There are four transporter bridges in the UK, although the remains of the one in Runcorn are minimal so most wouldn't count that. The bridge as a whole was demolished years ago, but the former approaches, power house and former office building are still standing. The...
  4. Webb7 Photography

    Report - Ivy/Axe House Warrington - July 2019

    Thought I would check this place out as it is close to home. History stolen from EmmaUrbEx report Ivy House In 1901 Joseph Harrison, a retired bank manager, was living at Ivy House with his wife. By 1911 George and Elizabeth Dean, and their son William. George was born in Higher Walton and...
  5. BlushingHorror

    Lead or Rumour info - Grappenhall Hall School, Warrington.

    Background The school officially closed on the 1st of September 2015 for an 'unclassified reason'. After searching on the trusty google, I came across of a ton of articles from the Warrington Guardian about this place. The oldest article I could find on the school dated back to 6th November 2013...