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  1. warpaint

    Report - West Park Hospital, Epsom - November 2011

    So a decade later, I've finally decided to post some of my splores from years gone by! This was my first ever explore back in 2011... An oldie, but goldie - Once a well visited gem... West Park Hospital was based in Epsom, Surrey. Construction started in 1913, and officially opened on 20 June...
  2. Traceyalex2

    Report - Scott house, west park Epsom 22/4/2018

    Location - Scott house, west park Epsom Surrey. So I have been here many times before. West park is only a few minutes away from me so I absolutely love going there. I wish I was into urbexing a couple of years ago as I never got to see her in all her glory! Today was the first time I was...