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west sussex

  1. Chloe Explores

    Report - J. Bull Electrical Ltd, Hayward’s Heath - July 2019

    History: J. Bull Electrical Ltd started in 1945 selling electrical components, spares and ex-military phones etc. There's not actually much online about them at all really, but it appears that they went under, before appearing again under the the name BullyBeef. From my knowledge from the few...
  2. Chloe Explores

    Report - Wood End, Goring-by-Sea - July 2019

    History: I don’t know when it became abandoned however I’m guessing around 2014 to 2015. There is a planning permission for this property which is to demolish the bungalow and build a 3 bedroom detached house with accommodation in the roof, with attached garage and a new vehicular access, this...
  3. Tom Ellis

    Report - Fullers Earthworks, Redhill, Surrey- October 2018

    I've been wanting to go to this place for sometime now. I love photography and abandoned buildings and this place just looked incredible. I had briefly been up to the site on my way to Tonbridge Wells in mid August to scout the place out and look out for things like security and how to get in. I...