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  1. Wastelandr

    The Welsh Asylum Gauntlet - April / Oct 2023

    Recently you might have seen my Whitchurch report. Well as promised, here's a roundup of all the Welsh asylums I did on these two trips with @KismetJ plus one in Bristol on the way back along the M4. They weren't all successes, others were the result of multiple visits and planning. This report...
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - A Trip Through Whitchurch Hospital/Cardiff City Asylum - April & Sep 2023

    I'm planning on doing a Welsh asylum roundabout at some point, but given how huge Whitchurch is, I felt it needed its own report. It's gone quieter in the past few years and it's entering a stage of more heavy decay, which whilst sad to see does make for some great photographs and some excellent...

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Aug 2023

  4. eddsup

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Jan 2019

    Apologies for yet another report on Whitchurch. This was my first time here and an amazing explore. This place is huge, the pictures do not do it justice or explain the scale of this place. Lots of reports recently from other people and older ones. I recommend looking at those also as it’s hard...
  5. Humpa

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital aka Cardiff City Asylum - Jan 2019

    Visited with @raisinwing , @tumbles and @Lenston Shock Horror, Humpa's posting a report!!!! have visited this place several times over a couple of years each with varying success. We had been fairly limited in what we saw due to the place being locked up so tight, so a revisit was always...
  6. clebby

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital (Cardiff City Asylum), Cardiff - 2016-2018

    Whitchurch Hospital, née the Cardiff City Asylum. Here's a picture I took on the sly so that the children playing bowls didn't think I was being a nonce. Ermmm, does no one who goes here bother taking a camera or something?? Not being funny but this is probably one of the best sites in the...