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  1. P

    Video - WW2 RAF Krendi Base Underground Qrendi Malta

    Me and Angelo will explore the Royal Air Force Base / airfield , known as RAF Krendi Airfield, that housed its Operations, Administrative and Signals offices under ground during World War 2 situated in Qrendi Malta. The station was officially inaugurated in 1941 as a diversion airstrip for the...
  2. K

    Report - East Fortune Hospital, June 2021

    Fantastic wee hospital! The place was built in 1922 and at the outbreak of WW2 assisted the RAF base nearby. After the war it converted to a tuberculosis sanitorium but as cases of TB in Scotland started to drop it was decided to be used as a clinic to help the mentally handicapped from the mid...
  3. AndyB67

    General - RAF Sleap - Turret Trainer Building

    Sleap airfield was in use by the RAF from 1943 until 1964 and is now the base of the Shropshire Aero Club - although helicopters from nearby RAF Shawbury still visit. During WW2 the base was used for training by bomber command, and later for training Horsa glider crews. The site is busy with...
  4. air4385

    Report - ZW3 Burnt Farm Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery , Broxbourne, 09/2020

    History- The ZW3 Burnt Farm Heavy Anti-aircraft battery was an air defence unit of the British Army during WW2. During the war Burnt Farm was separated into two parts. There was a domestic area to the north which included the accommodation and general administration buildings. To the south of...
  5. eddsup

    Report - Fort Austin, Plymouth, Devon, Oct 2018

    I visited in October 2018 but only now been able to post. While looking around I bumped into the police as I was coming out. They where nice and let me finish looking around. The tunnels are regularly used by drug users so the police walk through most of the time. 3 main areas to this site...
  6. Proxy_the_Moocher

    Report - CAMP 116 - High Hall (Dec 2018)

    Hi all, I am finally able to post my first thread on here, at the back end of 2018 @Carpathian and I went to visit CAMP116 before it gets demolished/redeveloped (it has now been sold in june 2018) - i know this has been covered a few times but I couldn't wait to get active on 28DL. The site...
  7. A

    Report - World War II Bombshelter/Bunker, Austria

    Disclaimer: Some of the images displayed in my album contain anti semitic graffiti. I'm not promoting anti semitism here but am only showcasing what's inside this bunker. Today's post is about the exploration of a World War II bunker, that has been abandoned since approximately 1955, when...
  8. J

    Information - London Road Tunnels!

    Hi guys, After A LOT of research me and my friend found a way in to the infamous London Road tunnels (WW2 tunnels backfilled about 79 years ago that housed up to 4,000 people in in the war) They are deep in the cliffs of Portsdown Hill and we were wondering if there are any of you guys out...