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ww2 bunker

  1. A

    North Devon

    I'm sure some that will know of the 'hidden' ww2 communication bunkers dotted around the coastline, the remaining sections of railway, tunnels and various other structures from the 50/60's along with multiple smuggling and mining tunnels that are within the North Devon area. I'm looking for...
  2. W

    Wade from woking

    Hi explorers, today’s my 1st day as a member nice to meet you all. I have come across this site to help find a get a rough idea of locations and it’s awesome. I have found a couple of places myself but was unaware of taking photos to upload. I will revisit and get some photos and history of the...
  3. Hvdes

    Report - Ouseburn Culvert, Newcastle - September 2019

    This had been somewhere I had looked at getting into for a few months now and back in the spring of this year me and a few people attempted to enter the old world war 2 bunker through the small opening near the outfall but to our disappointment we found that all of the entrances had been blocked...