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  1. M

    Hi ! Newbie in York

    Hello everyone! I recently moved to York from France and I am looking to explore everything I can. I love adventure, anything from camping, caving, climbing, and obviously exploring. In France, I explored a few abandoned hospitals and churches. I also explored a few abandoned construction...
  2. FallenShroom

    Question - Couple of locations in Poppleton

    After doing a bit of footwork in the nearby area, I believe a couple of houses local there are empty - Avondhu, and Parkside Cottage. As far as researching them online, I think I can roughly make out that they were abandoned around 2017 and early 2020 respectively. Does anyone have any...
  3. J

    Report - Abandoned Country homes, Near market weighton, East Yorkshire

    We are very local to this area so we set out that morning to find something new (12/09/20), after about half an hour of scrolling over random inhabited houses, we stumbled across these, located in a place called Foggathorpe, these houses are said to have been built a number of years ago, when...
  4. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Rowntrees Nestlé Factory - York, England - June 2020

    ROWNTREES NESTLÉ FACTORY - York, England - June 2020 HISTORY Rowntree is a British confectionery company founded in 1862. In 1890, to cater for an increased demand, Rowntree moved 20-acre site on the outskirts of York City Centre. In 1930, the imposing 5-storey chocolate factory was...
  5. A

    Exploring in York

    Hi! I'm Alexandra and I'm 20, a new member and I'm looking for places in York to explore, maybe further if there are places worth it. I would appreciate any suggestions and even anyone to explore with! Thank you :)
  6. B

    Newbie from the north!

    Hey guys, New to this from the north east of England, never done this before and looking to take the plunge, put my big boy pants on and start exploring! Looking for beginners tips, chats and fellow explorers from the north to possibly meet up! I'm super friendly, good banter and not a serial...