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  1. Bando Exploration

    General - The Claughton Centre, Dudley, Apr 21

    History The Claughton Centre which was formerly known as the Sir Gilbert Claughton school was also originally a school Dudley Upper Standards School when it opened in 1904 until 1957 when it came under the name the Sir Gilbert Claughton school who had been the mayor of Dudley at this time. The...
  2. MK83

    Report - Adelphi Lads Club - Salford - September 2020

    History - The Adelphi Lads Club was formed in 1888 to give local boys from deprived areas a venue to do something to stay out of trouble. In 1921, the Lads Club moved to the corner of Cannon Street, cornering North George Street. In it’s duration, the club ran many sports teams including...
  3. Ovey

    Report - Claughton Centre Dudley April 21st 2019

    Nice little explore, there was a strange guy inside. Kept away from him. But easy access, easy parking, no security.