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Report - - 180ft Shaft - Oct 08. | Underground Sites |

Report - 180ft Shaft - Oct 08.

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north star

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
After talking about this place for some time now with Stepping lightly and collecting as much info as i could from every conversation he finally gave me the info i was actually most concerned about "The access details".
Doing my homework on a number of earth viewing satellite sites viewing all angles and problems i could meet on my way in i finally set about packing my bag and setting off...
The way to the actual entry was quite annoying, stomping and stamping my way through waist high thorn bushes, trees and swamps i finally made it to where i wanted to be.
Now am in the tunnel that leads to the actual shaft it must be 20ft in diameter and then sat in the middle on concrete pads there was a huge pipe at least 8ft in diameter, so i carry on walking up the side of the pipe not realising how far it actually was until i came to the ladders.
At the top of the shaft there is a magnificent pump house with some beautiful features and mega valves but the only downfall to this is that there's a house next to the pump house which people live in so you have to be careful near the windows with your lighting..

Any way enough of the gubbins here's the pics...


Not the clearest of pics as the tunnel was so huge it just absorbs the light like you cant believe.


The ladder up and the massive valve on the pipe



This is at the top looking down, The stone work was unbelievable they were massive but perfectly carved lumps.




This is the hand rail at the top of the ladders that greets you into the pump house.




This i must say was well worth the hard work...