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Information - 3 arrested


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28DL Full Member
they didnt get to the train tunnels, they didnt even know they was there, they was looking for the old horse tunnels


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The following mighty words of wisdom were spoken by Maniac:Not Worthy
"There could be a strong case to argue as there are zero signs indicating it's railway property."

I suppose you could argue that you didn't know it was railway property, however the 2 metal parallel lines at 4`8 and a half inches apart be something of a give away :thumb
  • Section 55 British Transport Commission Act 1949: this penalises trespass on railway lines or property in dangerous proximity to such lines or electrical apparatus. Evidence is required of a notice exhibited at the station nearest the place of offence providing a clear public warning not to trespass on a railway. Punishable by a fine.
No signs - questionable whether they could enforce a fine or any other action. There's definitely a case to argue anyhow.


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28DL Full Member
To be honest I doubt much will come of this. Chances are the people arrested will just get a smack on the wrist and that will be it. Lets face it they haven't damaged the railway or its infrastructure and there was no danger to the travelling public.

As for the response time, the BTP only have to come from Euston where they have a permanent presence, so 2 mins isn't that bad