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Report - - 93 signal squadron training centre, garstang 25/1/08 | Military Sites |

Report - 93 signal squadron training centre, garstang 25/1/08

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well, cossienick says he stumbles across this place by accident while looking for an ebay part pick up, im glad he did. it turned out to be a right belter.:thumb

from what i can find, the 93 signal squadron train as part time soldiers to work alongside the Regular Army, and provide communication networks to the emergency services at crucial times.

this is there training facility.

looks small from the outside. just 2 shutter doors in the side of a hill. once past the fence and barb wire we crept past the nearby house, whos windows overlook the entrance. the gap in the shutter door was tight and i was half way in, when cossienick told me to check what was in the darkness of the entrance. i was expecting a small garage type place, but when i turned my torch on, i was just 1 step away from a flight of stairs. "were going down my son, woop"

once down the stairs we found corridors and many sqaure rooms. all empty unfortunatly. some parts were quite flooded. above the ankle deep, but these areas were accessible from another direction.

the big shock came after walking through another doorway and the place opened up into a big room. not only a big room, but we were on the balcony of a big room bellow us! another flight of stairs down and we found a canteen, dorms, toilets etc.

then another good find...on the floor of the big room were square holes. just big enough to squeeze through. i stuck my head in and found small rooms. maybe only a metre high, with pipes on the roof and a single light bulb. no idea what these would be used for, but i wouldnt like to be down there thats for sure.

on the walls on the lower floor we found a fuse box, with references to the "ejection chamber", a phone line direct to salmsbury and a system fail emergency telephone!




big heavy doors everywere...


inside the main room. cossienick is looking at a map of the northwest...



the "ejection chamber" fuse box...


now were talking...


the hole in the floor for the smallest rooms...


one of the small rooms. had to take this pic upside down hanging in through the hole. was a few inch deep in water...


the canteen, if only i drank guiness, i could save myself a fortune...




says it all, time to leave...


in all a fantastic explore. mainly because we were not expecting much, and turned up a real gem! had a good play with light painting too, its good to be back! :)
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