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Report - A True Time Capsule (Ontario, Canada - July 2014)

jerm IX

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28DL Full Member
Welcome to The Time Capsule House, one of Ontario's most interesting and well preserved abandoned farmhouses.

The location specifics and family history have been a well kept secret amongst the small handful of explorers in the know, and I will maintain that same level of secrecy.

Even amidst the secrecy though, the house's contents, many of them still in place, give us a tiny glimpse into who these people were. They were a multi-generational family farming the land. They were collectors of many an item. They were very well read, intellectual folks, with a predilection for religion and philosophy. They were also an overtly musical family. Most importantly, they clearly loved each other. And now, they are gone forever.

I could add further narrative to describe the experience, which was phenomenal, despite being on edge at every moment and dripping in sweat, but this time around I'll just let the images speak for themselves.

Come on in and look around...

I highly recommend you click the link to see all of the photos of this spectacular abandoned house...

jermalism: Abandonment Issues: Time Capsule House











Is this the future?
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It looks amazing; almost like a museum displaying an old house from the past. I certainly hope that this location remains a closely guarded secret! I recently discovered that a really unique location that I knew of has had its door kicked in and although I've not been in to witness the destruction, I can imagine that the inside won't last for much longer :(


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it is nice to see such an intact building but the write/build up is a tad ott :)

jerm IX

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Hahaha. The write up is OTT? After writing dozens and dozens I just feel inclined to try different thing to keep the write-ups fresh. Not everyone digs it, that's cool.
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