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Report - - A.W.R.E Orfordness 19/7/08 | Military Sites |

Report - A.W.R.E Orfordness 19/7/08

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A man called Martyn

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
a brief history lesson now follows. Orford ness was one of the small number of sites in the UK where purpose built facilities were created for the testing of the components of nuclear weapons. The tests were designed to mimic the rigours to which a bomb might be subjected to before detonation, and included extremes of temperature, shocks and G forces, vibration. after one test a bomb was left connected to a chiller unit for 4 days to cool down. the AWRE left the site in 1971 after almost 20 years on site.

test lab 3 and test labs 4 & 5 'the pagodas'

test lab 1

the hard target impact facility

WE177 one the nuclear weapons tested on the ness

lab 1 control room

lab 1 test pit

lab 1 entry

what the ness is famous for its shingle

the pagodas and the smaller polaris test lab to the rear

a piece about orfordness on the BBC programme 'one foot in the past' declared that the roof of the pagoda labs was designed to collaspe in the event of a test failure resulting in a catastrophic blast. Am the only person who remembers this programme?. Are you sure you did the right thing and stayed in col?

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