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The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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I'm really sorry, but I just don't have time to watch a video.
Stick up some photos, you will get a larger response


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Much the same as the last one I'll bet.
  • Too long without any real captivating subject matter, just piles of rubbish.
  • Shaky
  • 36 seconds of creepy doll at the start
  • Think about your audience in relation to what other people post on the forum. What would they want to see? I'll bet it's not 12 minutes of piles of broken chairs.
Post your videos in the 'Video report' section. Consider, as others have said, a photo report. You're more likely to receive feedback.


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With so many poor video reports filtering through lately, I used to watch them just to see how bad they were. I don't bother any longer. Thanks to my esteemed colleague for doing the dirty work. ^


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Shit my bad its in the euro section ffs,just clicked on new threads and assumed was in the vid section


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Don't take all that the wrong way... it's just answering your question about the lack of comments! It's good your getting out there and seeing the stuff though, just take snaps not video next time if you want to report the stuff you find on the forum :)


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Thanks dweeb for been so kind. It's true that I've just started and yes the camra is shaking a bit (my bad), but I will not shorten them because I've so much to show and will not cut and chop just for "people who don't have the time".
I've got three more video's coming out and will be posting them one every tuesday, but I take your advise and do the next shoot with just snaps.
Thanks all for the feed back :-)