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Report - Abandoned KTV and Nightclub Shenzhen China - July 2012

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I got a tip off that this was accessible so I went and took a look this weekend. I'd have to say this was one of the more interesting explores I've had.

History, originally constructed as a factory building I'd estimate about 30 years old based on the architecture. As industrial sites have been moved out further away from the centre of Shenzhen and replaced with more residential or commercial buildings many factories like this were either demolished or re-purposed as shopping centres, offices or nightclubs. This particular building has had many modifications and extensions in order to turn it into a nightclub and KTV (Karaoke bar). I used to pass this building on the coach around 2007 and it was still functioning as a club. However with he expansion of the express-way and metro line running passed the from to the building it lost both it's direct junction with the passing traffic and it's car park. It's been closed for I'd around 3 years.

As an explore I was a little unprepared at how dark it was inside with very little external light in many parts of the building. I was shooting blind with only a little light from my iPhone and my camera flash. Also there was so much broken glass on the floor as these clubs are typically covered in glass tiles on all surfaces, these had been broken with the building was stripped for equipment and cables.


Building viewed from the highway.


Poker Chip main entrance steps.


Etched glass door for VIP room, surprised it's still intact.


Dining room on the top floor of the building. Glass room divider.


Main entrance hall.



remains of the nightclub.

Hidden bedrooms, very well hidden as they were used for prostitution.


One of the Karaoke rooms. In a KTV club there are many of these rooms and they are to bring a private group of friends for a night of drinking and singing.


Squatter set up home in one of the store rooms. Lucky he was not there when I looked inside.

And one more bonus shot. 3D Panorama of the main nightclub room.


More shots on my Flickr.


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Hi, just wondering what district this was in? / nearest tube?
It's all been stripped down to the original building, all the facade has gone and the entrances are bricked up. Nothing to see now, it's been 5 years.