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Report - - Aberchirder ROC Post - Banffshire Group - 13/02/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Aberchirder ROC Post - Banffshire Group - 13/02/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Yet another one visited with Bryag on our meander :D

Big thanks to Cavewheel for his Sat-Nav download - we would never have found this without it - we were in the pitch dark, could only see about 5 metres in front of us in serious fog, in the middle of nowhere on a farm track trying to find it - headed off into a field relying purely on the Sat-Nav - led us straight to it :thumb

Locked on the T-bar only, so that was sweet :thumb

Inside it was in pretty good nick, closed in 1991.

This post had duckboards covering the entire floor, covered with a lovely purple carpet :eek: These were rather rotted, to say the least, breaking underfoot all the time :(

Plenty of goodies inside :)


Plenty of Glitto :D


Nice post map - crap pic though :(


And that carpet.... I've seen some horrible ones in various posts, but this is the worst so far:


Sorry 'bout the crappy pics - Bryag'll sort that out :thumb


Re: Aberchirder ROC Post, Banffshire - REPORT - 13/02/08

Unfortunately, Zimbobs description does not depict the bleakness of the situation adequately. It was pitch black, it was very foggy, and had it not been for the satnav (thanks again Cavewheel) we would never have found this. There was a new house nearby, which had a very bright light shining. Perhaps the fog offered is the cover we required :p

Here are a few of mine

Crazy carpet. Duck boards breaking underfoot on pretty much every footstep:p

If only there were some dettol

Fire blanket, all present and correct;)

Toward the door

Petrol/Diesel can

BT Stuff

Hope you enjoy, we did. I really doubt I could find this one in the daylight:p:thumb

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