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Report - Abersoch ROC Post - Caernarvonshire Group

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
October 1968 closure

Ive lost count of the amount of times ive past this site thinking it was much further from the road than it actually is so with a slower drive past I spotted it easily. Acording to subbrit, 'The hatch could not be opened as the padlock is now very rusty. The owner has left a time capsule below ground in the hope that his grandchildren will break in one day and discover it'.
So I wasent expeting too much!
The site was a pile of rubble with the entrance tower poking above, the hatch hinges had rusted away & the ladder was missing so unless I take a ladder along next time i'm on holiday then its no entry!:(

View from the road.

Entrance hatch.

Looking down the hatch with some water present.

Night visit in heavy mist!


28DL Full Member
Oh yeah, a Fetid Pit Of Despair for the grandchildren, they'll love that when they break in!

Squirrell 911

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Regular User
Well the post might be shite but Abersoch has a great beach. I was working in the area last year and loved it :thumb


28DL Full Member
My caravan is like 5mins from here and have drove past and seen but according to subbrit it aint worth the trip.