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Report - AEG Power Plant - Germany - July 2020


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28DL Full Member
This was the first industrial location on our not-so-industrial industrial trip to Germany. The power plant has been abandoned for some time, probably after the nearby area stopped functioning as well. We've only visited the turbine hall as there was some activity in the area and we didn't want to loiter around too much. Still, the place is for sure worth it and in quite a good condition, considering how long it has been abandoned. So that's another one off my checklist. The turbine hall has two blue AEG turbines and one very old grey turbine, similar to the one in Stahlwerk M. The two blue AEGs are especially fine specimens if I may say so. The control room has been vandalized some time ago and the control panels are sprayed over, so I didn't bother with it.

Now the photos

The old and partially dismantled turbine

The first blue AEG

The second AEG

Some pipe porn

An overview of the turbine hall

The two AEGs

Hope you enjoyed