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Information - AGUA Camera Bag - Kickstarter.


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Looks like this could potentially be a good exploring bag? Mutiple sizes, starts at $55 + $10 postage to UK Sort of a deluxe camera strap with added padding/rain protection

I have pledged for one.

Can't rip the video from the site just yet but here's some pics and a bit of info in case your kickstarter apathy can be temporarily checked.

It's not just a bag, it's not just a strap, It's AGUA! A super-protective, quick-draw, fully-adjustable revolutionary camera carrier.


Hey, we are miggo - camera's best amigo (-: A year after we've successfully lunched our first Kickstarter project, we are back with the AGUA -and its great to be here again!] The AGUA ("Water" in Spanish) is an IPX3-standard storm-proof camera-carrier.It is different than common water-resistant camera carriers because it allows intuitive quick-drawing of the camera. AGUA'a quick- adjusting padded strap allows perfect fit to the user's body. The AGUA's special structure allows the photographer to comfortably carry his camera close to the body in any weather - rain, snow, sandstorm or even in a dense urban environment, without worrying about the fate of his expensive equipment - and draw it quickly and with ease at the right moment to capture a perfect shot.


Thanks to @TallRich for the heads up! Cheers buddy.

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