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Report - Alderstead Fort - Surrey

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28DL Member
28DL Member
London mobilisation centre east merstham alderstead fort
Got up early went exploring very cold spent over 3hrs wondering around this site.
Finished a few years before the start of the First World War alderstead fort mobilisation centre was part of the London defence scheme (1889-1903), built in a chain running form Guildford to north weld. Their main purpose was for munitions/storage there secondary role was as the main defence for London in the event invasion ever came. Looking around alderstead fort you can still clearly see the earth works although it is heavily over grown, 100 years of wear show. The surrounding area is littered with 50years of enterprise, project’s and dreams of the owners proud decaying treasures, making this for me a world of wonder I only hope my, pictures do it justice this is by far the most interesting place I have found within my local area.

when I walked up the snow covered drive numb from the cold, there was no sound apart from the odd crow, not wanting to roam on private land without at least seeking the owner’s consent and with the slight fear of a shot gun or large mastiff in the back of my mind I made my presents clear few minutes later a women late to mid thirties appeared, she had a warm voice was well rapped up from the cold, she explained she was the famers daughter and that I was more than welcome to look around.

On my way out I found the owner very nice guy with a very big dog!!
Talked to him for about 30 mins, man I really do have to get a note book, I know I always say that!!! gona go back though said I would drop him round a bottle of brandy thought it a fair exchange for a life history and some great pictures :) he was a well spoken warm man, a pleasure to spend time with.




more pix here :)