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Report - Alpha Cement, Shipton on Cherwell, Oxford, 1971


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The Oxford and Shipton Cement Company erected a works and started quarrying the nearby limestone, in the 1920's. Situated next to the Great Western Railway Company's line to Oxford, it was natural that this was used to import coal for the kilns and export the finished product. A varied selection of industrial tank loco's shunted the works sidings, but by 1971, the last two were about to be withdrawn, hence the visit.


What served as the locomotive shed. The loco is Andrew Barclay 2941 of 1937


A bit bashed about!


Note the home made ladder on the tank.


This came trundling past as we were returning to the car. It is a Bagnall No 2178 of 1921, which was built for the Bombay Harbour Trust. With a double skinned 'tropical' roof it returned to Britain after the War, ending up here!


By September, both were dumped alongside a track, to be handy for scrapping!


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