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Report - - Anti-Aircraft Posts? Harlow/Roydon Essex 11/09/2007 | Military Sites |

Report - Anti-Aircraft Posts? Harlow/Roydon Essex 11/09/2007

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Cold War Anti-Aircraft Gun Site; (TL4177008710; ECHR 19151 & 19152)
To the north of Epping Road, Halls Green. There are suriving emplacements of a four gun 3.7" or 4.5" heavy anti-aircraft gun site together with a Generator Block & Operations Block (in poor condition) Study of ariel photographs show the site was constructed between May 1952 & February 1955. There are four octagonal emplacements in a semi-circle facing north-east with ammunition recesses & external intergral shelters. No accommodation can be seen although there are two small huts to the west of the access track.
This site is thought to be one of only eight such sites to remain in such a complete condition from the total number of batteries in the 'igloo' deployment. It was scheduled in 2001 (SAM 29473)

So it blows out the window what I though it being to do with the 2nd World War & is actually from the Cold War & is actually "Heavy
Anti Aircraft Battery"
Building 1: Is about 30 feet long by 15 feet (sorry I couldn’t get a full building shot but it’s so over grown you wouldn’t see much!!)


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Building 2: Is about 20 foot by 20 foot.

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And the cluster of buildings..

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