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Report - Antwerp Pre Metro.


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I keep hearing the term 'Dadizele' in regards to this site. It confuses me...

Either way...

Its a 'light rail metro' (aka an underground tram system), built in Antwerp, Belgium (the city i now associate with NO parking spaces and NO atms). I dunno the deal, as while im great at translating Russian, im shite at Belgian (Flemish/French/Dutch... WTF?), but as far as i know, those sneaky Antwerpians, Dutch/Belgian as they are, built this system, then ran outta cash...

This left the whole network, nearly 12kms worth, to the devices of Slyv... And onwards, he gave the beautiful knowledge to those worthy, (dont ask me who, i sucked someone's dick myself :S) who saw others who were 'worthy' (yeah, like me, 'keep trying' ;)) getting a look in.

Im GLAD i 'looked in'.

Getting in... well that was harder.

Getting out... Well, read on, and read well.

The Premetro, as its called, sits 30m beneath Antwerp.

Snappel had already been, but graced me and mine by going back. We arrived at a HUGE hole in the ground, Snaps rigged up, and we promptly plummeted...

The system, is two tiered. Dont ask me how it would run if it was in operation... cos, well, its not. All i know is theres around six double decker stations, with a variety of convoluted and confusing crossovers, that end, at one end, with a big 'exit chamber'.

Touching down at near 2am, and with a 3 hour drive to Essen, in Germany, later on, we didnt fuck about. I dont need to see everything. Just the good bits... And so i did.

After an hours traipsing around, we headed back, cooked a Jetboil dinner of cheap Dutch/Belgian noodles on a... Jetboil, then headed out.

Now, i dont like being 'on rope'. The dodgiest, rustiest catwalk, scares me less than a 9mm rope nicknamed 'Slick Rick'. As such, my fear and distrust, all be they unfounded, of rope gear, was only exacerbated, when, with my turn to jumar 30m out, i found that my chest ascender kept slipping every time i pulled up on the jumar... I dunno what made my Kroll slip, but it took me a half hour to ascend and i panicked a lot, as with every 'pull up' on the jumar id have to physically 'stuff' the rope into the bracing teeth of the Kroll.

I made it up, and am forever grateful to Snappel for his kind, calm and reassuring words every time i found myself slipping back down that rope in the wrong direction. Its not a place id go back to... the local hookah bars dont like you using their premises as a public toilet for one, and i value my somewhat sagging 30 year old physique too much to see it plummet to its demise upon inappropriately rigging my ascent again.


Half baked Ascension shot :S

An Upper Junction.

A Lower Junction.

Exit Chamber Looking down.

Exit Chamber Looking up... kinda...

Fast boil dinner.