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Question - Anyone local in bedfordshire/hertfordshire


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Are you talking about yourself Rik?...Or both of us? :)


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Thread a few months old now but I’ll comment anyway! Long time prowler, not logged on for yonks but seen this thread and thought I should say hello. I’m also in Bedford and travel to Bucks and Cambs and North Herts for work so would be interested to tag along to any mooches in those areas.
If this thread hasn’t gone stale let’s arrange some exploring.


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28DL Member
I'm new to this site also and like to explore, I'm from dunstable, beds looking to potentially hook up with like minded peeps to go exploring


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28DL Full Member
Went yesterday, the path to the tunnel is difficult but easy enough access into the tunnel. One end is blocked up though
I tried finding the end that's not blocked this week searched for ages through all the bushes but couldn't find it at all is it easy to find I went to where the valley started again like the other end but nothing we look around here

Dropped pin
Near Old Warden

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