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Report - Apedale No.7 PERMISSION VISIT - Staffs - Feb '17

Mr Sam

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About a month back i get a text from a good friend "book the **th off you will need £15"

the type of message that is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity so i just do it then ask questions but anyway this one is a PUBLIC ACCESS tour!

yes the general public can book on pay £15 and go underground in a non sterile mine get mucky crawl through props "DONT TOUCH SAID PROPS" and basically get a feel for a hand worked drift mine pretty much as they were! Booking is essential and i must stress you will not be allowed cameras/phones/contraband etc down the mine this was a very lucky opportunity pics were taken with permission. Pics are also one million ISO hand held or flash.

Please respect this is a public museum there is no access unless you book on a trip I'm merely posting here as i think some of you might be interested and a little publicity for this great underground experience!



looking up the drift


Coal seam that has dropped from roof level, it was never mined due to the ironstone faults


one of the main roadways with some s&c and a lone coal tub


we have 2 guides between 5 of us and reminded not to venture off, If you go down there you WILL die...


45 gallon drums filled with concrete supposedly quite popular in small mines for roof support


main roadway again


air door


decending again 30 degrees slope into the abyss


the ceiling got a lot lower down to hands and knees before a double ladder accent back to a main gallery


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The guys at Apedale are really great, we shot a film down there a couple of years ago and they really were the most helpful bunch of people you could come across.

Not been back for a little while but would like to go back soon to do this new extended tour, been looking forward to it being open to the public for ages.

You got some nice shots there, especially considering they are hand held ISO-Million!

Oxygen Thief

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Thanks for posting this, I must make the effort to do a decent trip there.