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Report - Arachnophobia, Manchester - April 2010


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Arachnophobia - Visited by Ojay & Morse.

This is another section of the Gore Brook, which is culverted at the other end of Platt Field park.


The weather was decent and I hadn't yet looked at this one, and Morse was itching to play around with his new camera so off we went.

The infall is somewhat overgrown with ivy, but is rather cool looking all the same.


Looking upstream


Not long in we are walking up a long box section of brick and concrete


There are some seriously mean looking spiders in this place, hence the name.
And I mean if you have a fear of them it aint for you, although Gone managed to get down here a while back



One of many manholes on the way


Eventually it bends off to the left before straightening up again.


After about 100 yards the roof section appears to be strengthened under the road with a cool looking steel structure complete with brick arches




Again it bends to the left


Before straightening up once again where it eventually joins this concrete box section





On the way we passed this overflow on the left, not sure if it's a surface drain or a CSO?


Anyway I headed up the RCP for a quick mooch, but decided to turn back as it looked like a shrinker


Eventually the outfall was in sight


The water levels seemed to be deeper at this point and was also silted up with more crap, eventually we arrived at the outfall




Some Cave Clan graffiti


Thanks for looking :thumb

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