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Report - Arc (Drain) - London, UK

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Named so due to the shape of the relief.

Had the return trip here with Loops.

Had been waiting for the weather to settle for some time now so this week seemed perfect. Gave loops a shout and we met up at victoria for a chat and a blt roll.

Off we went over to "Arc", barriered up our entrance and descended. Now the first bit was nasty where it had a tier'd decent all kinda of crap and what not had been washed up here during a storm and never removed, So it stank!.

Down the next ladder we were met by a split black and red brick tunnel, Only about 5-6 ft so it was a back killer. On my first visit we went north to a small juntion where we could put bags and unwanted items we couldnt be assed to carry. So after a short walk we unloaded ourselves and began to head south.

Each corner we passed nothing seemed to change. Same tunnel, same height, same ammount of pain. until finally we came to another junction and the pipe opened up to 8ft+. We stood up and sighed with relief. "no pun intended". Hurray Bermondsey relief is a go!,

We decided walk now photo later so we began to walk down the larger of the pipes. We passed a lot of overhead sewers along the way each with its own large overflow chambers. and wierd slides . Even passing a wierd corner junction.

We kept walking on the water level was slowly getting higher, until now it had kept at a dead calm 1ft. We kept going as far as we could but due to being in paris a few weeks back my waders had loads of holes in and sadly one halfway up my boot. I tried tippytoe'n as there was something just round the bend. Even monkeyed along holding on to the chain but nope no good had to come back.

On the way we take lots of photos and make use of the brilliant reflection given off by the water, Backup the backbreaker got the stuff and out. On the way out a few mistake were made and we have to say RIP to my shoes we will miss you.

Great drain and deffo returning for the rest....

The pictures