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Report - - Archirondel Tower, Jersey, C I. 20/8/08 | Military Sites |

Report - Archirondel Tower, Jersey, C I. 20/8/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Archirondel Tower is one of many that circle the Island of Jersey. They vary in different shapes some square and some round and although they are referred to as Martello Towers, this is not strickly true. Archirondel was one of the later round Towers built by a General Conway. it was completed in 1794 on a rocky outcrop just offshore.

Like La Rocco, Tower in St. Ouen's Bay it had a gun platform around its base and instead of four machicolations projecting from the top there are only three. When the Germans came in 1941 they found Jersey already defended by these towers, which were maintained in good condition. Archirondel like many, was extensively altered during the Occupation. The original stair and floors were replaced and rebuit in concrete. The battery was modified so that machine guns could be mounted. it is now painted red and white to act as a navigational aid.

These towers are normally locked shut, but a chance visit by the people who own it gave me the opportunity to get in:thumb Proof that if you don't ask you will never know! I asked if I could look around, No problem came the reply, help yourself, so in I went.


The tower stands on a rocky outcrop which is well built into the shoreline.


Fortified lower positions of the battery were extensively modified by the Germans to accept heavy machine guns.


The original entance was heavily modified by the Germans with blast-proof doors. The last occupants leaving there mark as a reminder:rolleyes:


Interior of upper floor with original covered gun ports.


The lower level was used as an ammunition vault. Fantastic brickwork is evident as the walls curve into the centre. :thumb I wonder how many could do such excellent brick work in todays fast world!

Planning permission has recently been applied for, to turn this tower into Holiday accomodation. It was very dry and surprisingly warm inside as well. All of the towers are owned by the Jersey State and are leased out at the moment.