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Report - Archway Tower, North London (September 2015)


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Have always walked past this tower but never believed I would one day be standing on top of it. Its an eye sore in Archway and the current construction blocks out its hideous structure.


From Wikipedia)

A 195 feet building sitting next to Archway station, it's construction was completed in 1963, welcoming employment into the area, although it was commented as become visually unappealing due to it's brutalist architectural approach.

In 2005, after alleged consultation made by the Islington council, its redevelopment was handed to the BDP. This was an unpopular news as locals accused the plan as being a forced schedule with no publicised consultations. BDP denied these charges.

It was formerly a property of the UK government, but was sold to Wichford PLC, then to the Scarborough Property Group. As a result the Farmer's Saturday and Sunday market was moved to Holloway road near seven sisters.

It remained largely empty until Public guardianship Office converted the tower into Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian in 2007. Both the court and the office vacated the building in 2011.
Developer Essential Living purchased the building in 2013 for £6 million, promising to convert the 16 storey brutalist tower into a residential, as it remains as today.

The Climb:

I had no time to climb at night so decided to hit it during the afternoon, was a very easy ascent.

Hope you enjoy the photos :)









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Nice one! You've captured the colour really well, looking forward to your next

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