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Report - Argyll and Bute Hospital, Scotland - April 2016


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History -
"ARGYLL AND BUTE HOSPITAL, LOCHGILPHEAD Built as the Argyll District Asylum, it opened in 1863 and was the first district asylum to be built in Scotland following the 1857 Lunacy (Scotland) Act. It was designed by David Cousin of Edinburgh and set the pattern for the subsequent asylums built during the later 1860s and early 1870s."

Explore -
Visited here on a whim really as we weren't sure if there were any parts derelict as this is still very much a working Mental Health Hospital. It's quite a large site and these pictures are from one of the buildings. The rest appears to all still be in use so far. The building we accessed appears to had the ground floor used for storage for various old hospital stuff, such as horse hair mattresses (still packaged up unused) and old feather pillows.

Sadly the building is completely rotten which made getting around a little precarious and once again as seems to be a common theme in Scotland, there were patients wandering around the grounds.















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Aye I'm not a fan of rotten floors but it was pretty interesting!
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