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Report - ARP Post, Cobham, Surrey - July 2010


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28DL Full Member
I forgot I had this until the other day. Its a sunken WW2 ARP post at the junction, actually a crossroads, of Fairmile and Miles Lanes just outside Cobham in Surrey. Its about threequarters of a mile from another extant ARP post I discovered a year or so back. This one is on the verge outside a large house and in excellent condition seeing the public nature of the site. Actually I'm not 100% it wasn't on private land, hence the hurried visit, plus it was getting dark.


It still has the stove inside, which I've never seen before. It look like a tide mark round the wall, so it may get flooded at times


A rusty pipe


Not a lot to see in these things really, but the electrical trunking is still in place


Thanks for looking

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