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Report - Arrochar- Torpido testing Station 19/5/2010


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Had a wee trip over to the torpedo testing station in Arrochar. Also known as RNTR Arrochar: Royal Naval Torpedo Range, Arrochar.

First a short history:
The Loch Long Torpedo Range operated on the loch from 1912 to 1986. The abandoned Admiralty buildings, pier, and slipway remained on the west shore of the loch, opposite the village of Arrochar, until 2007, when demolition of the site began, and it was also subject to destruction by fire.
Originally an Admiralty facility, the range became the Royal Naval Torpedo Testing Station and Range, later referred to as both the Loch Long Torpedo Range, and the Arrochar Torpedo Range.
Activity at the range reached a peak during World War II, with more than 12,000 torpedoes being fired down the loch in 1944.

Here is the photo bit:
Surrounding buildings in the trees.



Taken for a college project:

The Station itself:
coming in from the beach:

Under the pier:


After climbing the wall and fence we were in:


Inside the collapsed building:


To get to the back section that burned down required some climbing :p




Out the back pier: More climbing.





The second Pier(long one):


After that we headed towards the warehouses and water tower along a bit, After sliding under the fence we found some nice caravans and in the back of one were house was this nice burner:

The caravans/warehouses:



Me driving my digger:

The water tower:



And that concludes my report. The place is in some state after that fire. Can anyone tell me what happened?

site was visited by me, my mate john, Cashcroft and Karibou