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Report - Arrocher Torpedo Testing Station - May 2011

HorZa IX

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Visited here with Kebab1701 last month on a day when the weather was lovely. The wind was ferocious and the bursts of rain didn't help either.

I was surprised at how large the site was and didn't realise quite how many buildings were still standing going by older reports. Unfortunately most of the large sheds were sealed tight and were completely unaccessible :(

Anyway on with the pictures!

The main pier of the station where the torpedos were launched from.


This was the end of the pier which we couldnt access from the pier itself. Only hopes are waiting for low tide and a set of waders!


Whats left of the main pier. As you can see the roof has pretty much blown away but all the rails are still intact. In the bottom left hand corner you can see one of the many turntables still lying around.


These were the main doors which accessed the end of the pier but were welded shut. Think another visit to see the end of the pier will be necessary.


One side of the pier still has a fair amount of windows in place.


A view from the main pier to where most of the boats would have berthed.


We then went for a walk around the remainder of the site, or whats left of it.
This sits next to the main pier and must have had a fairly large boat on it as the doors were a decent height.


This is the other side of the doors from the last image. Where this boat came from I've no idea but part of it was lying in long grass on the main road near to where we parked which was a good few hundred yards away.


There were quite a few of these sheds still standing but the doors were welded shut. We couldn't even get a look inside through any gaps so no idea if they are empty or not.


A very old caravan sitting in amongst the old sheds.


On the main access road there are a few houses standing abandoned. The residents don't look like they vacated them too long ago as one or two had newer satelite dishes hanging on to them.


Thanks for looking!​


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