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Report - Assembly of God Church, Alfreton, Derbyshire, October 2019

Bikin Glynn

28DL Regular User
Regular User
From 1st shots I thought it was going to be small, then bang, its gets bigger and bigger. loving the chapel and old wooden pews. Also like the old metal buckets in first shots. Looks like a great place to explore. Some lovely work on that organ. :cool:
Its like that, I thought what a derp when we first got in but its a little maze that just gets better the deeper u explore ;-)


28DL Member
28DL Member
Nice to see the place again, been along while. Such Random colours on the walls in there I'm amazed that baths still on the 1st floor!.I wonder if they moved to a less damp location.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Is this place still there? Looked on Google and unless I'm looking at the wrong place it looks like cars parked outside and all done up?

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