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Report - Athena, London, Nov 2009

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My usual exploration mates were not available so the weekend plans fell through. I needed to invent something quickly if I didn't want the weekend to pass without any exploration. After going through my list of places the Athena building in Stratford seemed most appropriate for the evening. So off I went for a trip to faraway Stratford.

Having arrived in front of the building I noticed two things. The good one was that strong wind that had been blowing over the last few days demolished part of the hoarding. It was replaced by harris fence that gave nice, clear view over the whole of the front yard.

The bad news was that the access I'd been thinking of was no longer there. Luckily I had a plan B so after some improvisation and a bit of ducking and diving I reached the staircase.


Then to the roof.

The views were good but it was ridiculously windy and there's a fence going all along the edge of the roof, so taking pictures was a real pain in the ass. My cheap wobbly tripod didn't help either.

Stratford High St. Looking both ways.



Olympic stadium to the north


To the south east there was a good view over Canary Wharf and Millenium Dome but all my pictures were coming out blurry and the fence was getting in the way. Finally I lost my patience and decided to go for the crane.


It's not much taller than the building but I thought the view won't be obstructed by any fence. Unfortunately the walkway is on 11th floor so I had to walk all the way down and climb fifteen floors up again. But what can you do. After a while I reached the top of the crane.


It was worth it.



Tried again with Canary Wharf but the pictures were crap again. It just wasn't meant to be.


And then back down and to the hoarding, quiet as a mouse.

Great, trouble-free exploration. I saw this advertisement on the tube on my way back home ;)


I'm looking forward to this tower that they are apparently going to erect somewhere in the area:



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