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Report - Bargrennan ROC Post - Ayr Group - 10-05-2009


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This post is located near the A714, between Barrhill and Newton Stewart. I was expecting it to be locked on Battleships as stated in the Subbrit report but upon inspecting the post I noticed that the hasps have been cut through and the post is locked on the T bar. Down the hatch I went and discovered that the post is very stripped, with only the cupboard, desk, group map, mattresses, chemical bog and some Ordnance Survey maps remaining. This post is absolutely immaculate - with a quick clean up it would be in mint condition! It just looks like the post has always been well cared for and it is very dry inside, with only a little water in the sump. Would be a prime post for a restoration...

On with the pics:

Surface - The top of the vent at the hatch had fallen off (probably rubbed by cattle) so we put it back on again.

Some loose poly tiles but otherwise perfect.

Give the table a wipe and it will be good as new.

A little water in sump. Pump in excellent condition and still operable.

The vent cover at the top of the shaft still slides open and shut smoothly.
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