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Report - Baswich House,Stafford,Staffs-7/3/09

A man called Martyn

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Baswich house was built in 1850 by Thomas Salt on or close to the site of an earlier private residence known as the 'White house',this was built on the site of Weeping Cross inn, soon after 1813 the inn was either rebuilt or converted into the private residence know as 'white house' by John Stevenson Salt(1777-1871) who was a member of Stevenson Salt and Sons,Bankers in Lombard Street, London.John Salt's eldest son Thomas pulled down 'White House' to make way for Baswich house.Thomas son Sir Thomas Salt MP(d1904) was created a baronet in 1899 and became 1st Baronet Salt of Standon and Weeping Cross,He was succeeded by his son Sir Thomas Anderton Salt(1863-1940),2nd Bt who was succeeded by his son Sir Thomas Henry Salt (1905-1965),3rd Bt,who in turn was succeeded by his son Sir Thomas Micheal John Salt(b1946).On Sir Thomas's death in 1904 Helen,Lady Salt left Baswich and moved to the manor house at nearby Walton,Later Walton-on-the-Hill.The most well known member of the Salt family is William Salt(1808-1863),antiquarian, whose collection of Manuscripts on staffs history forms the basis of the Salt library which still exists in Stafford.From 1904 until WW2 Baswich house was used as a boys Prepartory school.In WW2 the house was taken over by Chatham House school from Ramsgate and used as an ARP post.In 1952 it was accquied by Staffs county council for use as a police motor training centre.The grounds of Baswich House were redeveloped in the 1960s as the headquarters site for the County police force.
The police force is slowly pulling out of the site and moving to a new home on the outskirts of the town.Plans are afoot to redevlop the site for housing.Baswich house is one such building to come down having being shut since 2002 and left to fall in to desrepair so it makes it that much easier to justify to themselves why demolition is the best option for the house instead of finding a fresh use for the site.A local campaign to try and save the building sadly appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
I had visited the site before with Dystopia but we had failed to gain entry due to access issues.Now work has started on gutting the building access was very easy,just like Central TV.It was the fireplaces that were the best features left in the Building.The Building appears to have last being used for anti terrorism training.

















Historical Information Sourced From The Staffordshire Encyclopaedia By Tim Cockin
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