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Report - - Battersea Power Station - 20/09/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Battersea Power Station - 20/09/06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
New Camera's and the place is still do able... just!

Visited with Zero and The Riddlers.

My first time to Battersea and was blown away by it all. Access is a mission to say the least but finally managed it, nearly walking straight in to two security guards who walk right past us. After a few minutes undeterred we headed straight for Control Room A, what a sight! Thought we'd been busted and ended up hiding in access panels behind the controls for a while but alas no it was another friggin Pidgeon!

Then up the scaffold to the chimney for some awesome views of London. After that we managed to find what we presume is the Map Room, full of drawings and maps! Then on to Control Room B which i thought was awesome but very difficult to get into.

Definatly one of my favourite explores to date!

Heres a few images but will never to the place justice

Control Room A


Me looking over the site

Two of the chimneys

Control Room B