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Report - Battersea to Pimlico Thames Tunnel - Oct 2011


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This is all thanks to Kev really, the mans an exploring machine! One week im talking to him saying how i fancied having a look at getting back in this and the next week theres an email in my inbox telling me its done!

I really enjoyed the shear level of explorer ingenuity and 'insider knowledge' to took to do this. Its a testament to just how far exploring has come since this place was first explored in 2006. Theres just so much that it seems possible to get away with nowadays and more importantly all still within the original 'take only footprints' type of morality as well.

I found the tunnel a little confusing. It runs in subsurface concrete box sections for a few hundred meters before diving down a shaft into a much older iron ribbed tunnel under the river. At the Battersea side there is another shaft and then it changes back to later concrete construction with two more shafts along the way. Im guessing the more modern part on the Battersea side was built in 1980s after the power station closed to run pipes to the new boiler house. Thing is i must have the location of that boiler house wrong, i thought it was at the corner of the power station site but the section of new tunnel on that side is almost as long as the part under the thames itself so it must be much further away than i thought?






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