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Report - - Battersea (turkey,dweeb & raddog) to the TOP - 2005 | High Stuff |

Report - Battersea (turkey,dweeb & raddog) to the TOP - 2005

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Well...after a few moments of hesitation, we made it into the grounds of the colossal power station, its 4 massive chimneys towering over us, and the security huts lights shining toward us. It was time, the much awaited visit was about to happen.

Got in fine, up the scaffholding, a ridiculous amount of ladders and floors and comedy heights later and we were at the top...just when the scaffholding had finished because of a missing ladder, we climbed one level without a ladder, which opened up the next few stories which were wrapped around one of the chimneys..fair play to OT, Stumpy and riddlers (anyone else who ive missed *zippy maybe*) for kicking my arse into gear to finally do it...AWESOME!

Easily the best nighttime view Ive ever done...its un-tellable, stunning and mindblowing all at the same time...enjoy the pictures...


turk ;)
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