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Report - - Beetham West Crane - The 'Palace Fan' | High Stuff |

Report - Beetham West Crane - The 'Palace Fan'

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28DL Full Member
The phone bleeps. It's Palace Fan. "I've just seen it!" "Big isn't it?" "Fucking."

When PF mentioned doing Beetham West, I had no qualms about meeting him. Along with twelvemonkeys, they did the Millenium Dome as their first report - these guys are serious.

And so I was only half surprised when I found myself standing at the top of the crane (for the 9th time...) while PF worked his way along the gib - to the end. And then the rain and wind started. Rain and wind worse than most of my experiences in the Welsh mountains, but calmly and carefully the gib was conquered, and eventually he made it back to the relative safety of the tower.

If this crane had been 'done' before, Palace Fan shut it down. End of story. The climb back down was done in pretty horrible conditions, and we reached terra firma absolutely drenched, but it was worth it.

Big thanks to twelvemonkeys and Palace Fan for meeting up, and respect to both for climbing such a monster of a crane.









Palace Fan

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Beetham West Crane - The 'Palace Fan' Report

.... Massive cheers to Snappel for having us on his patch. We thought it rude to visit Liverpool and Beetham without looking him up.

With expert guidance, and a long wait for the smokers from the 'Echo' to finish we eventually got going. Snappel had done about 10 sections before we made the second, never seen anyone climb sooo fast.... and descend!!! :eek:

Views from the top were awesome, as expected, just a shame about low cloud, gusty wind, and later on, the driving rain!

Still absolutely brilliant to have added the legend that is Beetham West to the portfolio...

Don't think my few pic's will add anything to what's been posted before.

Again cheers to Snappel, owe you a few beers...

My few:




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