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Report - Behind the secses at newhaven fort


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Lets just say i fell down a hole into this one.Only a small part of this fort is open to the public the rest has been deemed
unsafe a brick away. These tunnels i was in where part of that unsafe zone mostly due to slate floors which broke away under our feet.Under touch light a made my way
thur these wonder tunnels and rooms the whole time i could hear the sound effects of air rad sirens,bomb blast and gun fire, coming from the public part of the fort amazing how well the sound travels Thur the fort seen as the only way out was a small hole all other assce has been bricked up.
When i first hear the sounds a jump out of my skin but after a while it give me a real feel of what it would of been like down there under fire. I dint get to spend longer than about an hour down there as my poor touch was fading fast which was making not falling thu the floor even harder. I was making my way out when i
came across a door number 13 of all numbers opening it slowly i was stun at what i could see, I had found a store room with all sorts of goodies to be seen, My fav of which was the two machines,After takeing a few photos a started my long walk back by this point my touch light had almost gone but forward thinking i had a small green snap light with me
still hard to see my way around but i has 3hours of green light to get me out. Needless to say i got out and i was fine.I covered the hole i fell down early that day and made my way home.












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