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Report - - Beldam Lascar Seals Ltd, Lanscar Works, Bury- 3/2/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Beldam Lascar Seals Ltd, Lanscar Works, Bury- 3/2/07

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Tiny bit of history first, the little I could glean from Google.

Founded by Robert Beldam (son of Aspen Beldam, the founder of The Institute of Marine Engineers) in 1889, the Beldam Group expanded to operations nationwide and was run by three successive generations of Beldams. This place certainly wasn't the original Beldam Ltd, but was certainly live and kicking in 1975 when the workers went on strike over a pay dispute (this being the only news article I can find on this particular site.) The Beldam Lascar Group is still going strong, and has joint operations with Auto-Klean Filtration, which was also active at these works before they shut down.


Went for a proper look around today with Snappel and Pixielulu, but I'll get to that in a minute. I shall now take you back about a week to set the scene.

Spotted this place quite by accident whilst stuck in traffic on the way home from work. It was a lot lower than the road level, but a knackered roof on an older part of the site warranted getting a bit closer. So I did.


Pulled into the Tesco carpark and had a nosey through the fence and down the embankment. Spotted the temporary fencing around it and decided to take a look.

So armed with my trusty camera phone, I went for a quick recce before tea.

Looked promising enough, decent size oldish manufacturers (though of what I had no idea at the time). Walked round the side and saw that the fencing had been pulled apart by the local scallies. Well, it'd be rude not to have a closer look now, wouldn't it. So through I popped, round another corner and lo and behold, a boarded fire exit. Except the board was just resting in the frame. Well I've come this far, lets see what we've got here. Moved the board and peeked inside. Ooh look, machinery. Lovely. Just about to move the board out of the way properly to get a couple of taster shots when I hear voices from inside. Close n'all. So on my own, in the dark, in a not very nice part of town, with mystery blokey voices getting closer. Time for tea then.....


Returned a bit later the next night fully kitted up to get a good idea of the place before dragging Snappel down from Liverpool. This time it was deserted, board still hovering in place. Got a few shots inside and decided it was worth bothering Snappel with (since the last few places I've found and dragged him out for have been utterly worthless).

So back to today, arranged to meet Snappel and Pixie at my place for 9am. So Pixie pulls up at about ten past, and by half past we had a Snappel too. Off we go. Literally 5 minutes later we arrive, kit up and walk down. The fence is a lot more open than it was earlier in the week, and oh bugger. The board is screwed in place. With what appears to be the entire screw stock from B&Q. Another mooch round the perimeter reveals more fresh boarding. Gits. This is not the first time this has happened to me and Snappel, so naturally I called him a bloody Jinx.


Back round to the boarded fire exit, and despite all those screws, would you believe it just disintegrated! Well, it did eventually. :rolleyes:

In we went, and yes indeedy, chock full of all sorts of different types of machinery goodness. God only knows what half of it was. Snappel decided his sensitive nose wasn't up to the smell so on went the respirator. I however am full of a cold and decided to use my natural nasal filtration to block out all the nasties.


We wandered around individually, happily snapping away at the surprisingly well lubricated machinery and slowly discovering more about what used to be made here. In more recent times jointings, packings, seals and gaskets.


Up to the offices, apparently converted for scally parties and all-nighters going off the empty alcohol containers, condoms, makeshift beds and old syringes. Some of the back offices were relatively intact, desks and filing cabinets still in situ, and thanks to the Employers Liability Insurance certificate, we can see this place shut some time between 2003 and 2004.


Back downstairs, cos even I could smell the odours up there. A few more pics on the factory floor, and I spot an older box with the company name and address written on the side. Thinking this would make a nice pic, I wandered over and read it. Beldam Asbestos Ltd. :eek: Ooh Fuck. Time to go then.


So thats that. Thought I'd try a bit of a different format to this report, break up my waffle a bit. I'll have my pictoral glory now before Snappel uploads his and makes me look crap again. :(


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