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Report - Belgrave lead mine - clwyd -feb 14


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Been doing a bit of Urbex with 'George and Dotties rambling club' - this is my first report on here - Dribbly Bob, Le Quif and myself spent an hour last night stumbling around on a hill side in North East Wales looking for the small entrance to this mine. Eventually found and spent a couple of hours underground. There are three levels but we only managed to explore the top level which is the largest. Hope you like the photos.

History courtesy of Ucet
A reasonably substantial lead mine. The upper entrance is easier to find with a “cut out” run into the adit entrance. The lower (middle) entrance is almost directly below this by around 100 feet and is not much more than a badger hole to look at from the outside although it quickly opens up into a splendid, stone lined passage.

The upper level is of greater interest with a number of climable shafts leading upwards to additional adits and potential areas where an exit may have been backfilled. Additionally, there are a number of climbable shafts leading downwards, one of which also leads to an apparently backfilled adit. Another non-climable shaft leads down to the bottom level and completely bypasses the lower (middle) level. This upper level can be explored at length without the use of equipment such as SRT etc.

The lower (middle) level quickly opens into a large, two tier, cavernous area with a shaft leading up at the rear (to where we don’t know) and two shafts leading down to the bottom level. To the rear, the adit continues with rifts and short passages leading hither and thither until it goes blind.

The bottom level is only accessible by abseiling down from either the upper level or the lower (middle) level. It appears to have been the main adit with evidence of a small gauge railway. This is always flooded in the middle to waist height.





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